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Prior to the early fall of 2002 I had not exhibited in a solo format for some twenty years. That was both a conditional and self-imposed choice, to elaborate on it’s reasoning at this juncture would be beyond the measure of this introduction.

This site is the second step in the counter-turn to that decision.

Here, to begin with is a portfolio containing more than two hundred images of paintings, sculpture, installations, models and works on paper along with sections devoted to photographs, functional boxes and written material (WRITE ON).

These examples span some forty years from 1963 to 2003. They are not everything produced within that time frame, but it’s a fair enough representation to begin with, even though several bodies of work have been omitted. In most cases I have tried to provide at least two examples from a given group of works (in general I do not work in a series format but usually in a small group context) at times there is a single example, as no other usable image exists.

Overall they reflect a modernist sense – contemporary materials and elaborate on the abstract, being about themselves and your perception of them; they are not the product of academic exercise or the convoluted forms of trends and premature post-modern speculation that is so evident in our present tense. A few examples have been produced in small editions, but none are in the context of extended serialization as defined by late 1960’s practice.

By design the volume of images is too great to be fully appreciated in your initial visit, as such I suggest looking again and again as one would do with a picture book or exhibition catalog.

This is a beginning – change follows.

g s c     July, 2003